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The day was going slowly as ever at Chloe's school. She had quite enjoyed eating Lauren so she purposely didn't bring her lunch. She was hunting around the courtyard for her next victim when she spotted Abbey, Juliet and Lauren stood in a corner talking. She went over to them and asked if she could have a word with Abbey. Abbey said yes and they both went round to where no one could see them. Abbey is an extremely tall girl with the body of an athlete but an extraordinarily flat chest accompanied by blonde hair and brown eyes. Chloe took this all in before asking to see how flat her chest was. Abbey refused at first but then gave in after Chloe arguing that it was just the two of them. Abbey took her shirt off and bra (that was redundant) and showed Chloe her chest. It was that moment Chloe shoved Abbeys head into her mouth and started gulping her down. The thing not many people know about Abbey is her mum had surgeory done on her to have a little switch on her back to make her collapse into a neat pile. Chloe was having a hard time swallowing her due to her size but then she found the switch and Abbey practically became a sandwich. Chloe then went back, licking her fingers and took Juliet round the corner and repeated the process. Juliet had the same features as Abbey except with green eyes and she was quite small. After Juliet was down the hatch only Lauren was left. Lauren had brown hair and brown eyes but perky DD breasts. Chloe had a lust for vore now and didn't even bother removing her clothes, she just sucked her right up to her breasts which she had to open wide for. And so the day went on with Chloe eating a few other girls as snacks until she heard the bell ring ending the day. Chloe went home and her mum commented on how big her belly was. Chloe explained the whole "vore" thing and her mum said she used to be a vore girl too. She even gave Chloe a demonstration by gulping down her daughter with extreme speed. Later on after letting her meal digest her mum went to the restroom to end the vore process. As she was excreting 5 girls fell out her bum as bi products from Chloe's vore.

Chloe vore 2 - A Request for Crab-Master by InflatablePiggy128

/ / / / / ©2013-2016 InflatablePiggy128
Thank you so much for all the support and requests, the more requests the more stories!
Crab-master Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Thank you, nicely done.
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